okay okay
don't hover
important blog info !!

post-it project is complete & pictures have all been sent out


hi, i'm amy & ily



i track the tag "abstracity"

check out my blog ?
     of course ! just ask or tag me in a post

follow me ?
     i can check out your blog

reblog something for me ?
     no, sorry, i don't reblog on demand

why did you unfollow me ?
     you were inactive for 3+ days, unfollowed me, changed blog styles, was rude to your followers, or tumblr did it

vote for me ?
     if none of my friends are in the same poll then sure, just send me the link :-)

why haven't you replied to my message ?
     i either haven't looked through my messages or i didn't get it. but if i haven't replied within 3+ days, feel free to message me again

p.s. if you ever just want to talk to someone or need advice, i'm always here, ok

p.p.s. i like friends and my ask is open -cough, wink-